Maximum IR depth length?

Does anyone know which camera has the max IR depth? Im looking to track a human in 3D but I need to place the camera around 7m distance from the subject. Is this even possible?

I think for this sort of distance, you would be better off looking at a ZED camera. I don’t have one myself, but they’re quite popular for mixed reality recording, and offer .5 to 20meters depth sensing, using a passive stereo camera (not IR). is an addon for openframeworks to work with the ZED.

A kinect 2 camera, for example, claims its maximum depth range as 4.5 meters.

You can actually use ofxKinect with a Kinect V1 at 7m it might be a little noisy but it should work. Just use the function in ofxKinect to set the distance accordingly.

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Could the Zed camera track precise athletic movements from a distance? For instance a tennis player serving?

I got this from Stereolabs:

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The ZED has an accuracy of 1% in the near range: the accuracy is about 1 cm @1 m distance.
In the far range, the accuracy becomes superior to 10%: the accuracy is about 1 m @10 m distance.

Up to now, the feedbacks we received from the ZED community is that the accuracy is sufficient for most of the applications outside sub-mm metrology.

With this accuracy in mind, you can conclude that you won’t have a perfect 3D model of the player, but his location can be estimated. You can also use a library like OpenPose to track its movements.

Can laser systems like LIDAR do realtime tracking of athletic movements?