Maximilian related questions!

Hello Forum!

I’ve been using the Maximilian DSP library for some sound synthesis and lately have been diving a bit deeper. Came up with a bunch of questions which I can’t seem to solve on my own, it’d be great if I could get some help!

  1. Waveshaping -> is there a way to do i? Or to clip waveforms? I can see that the output of each maxiOsc object is a double, so is it as simple as putting in some if conditions so that I can control the output? If so, what’s the range of the maxiOsc output?

  2. FFT and IFFT -> I can see that there are ways to do FFT analysis and then resynthesis using inverse FFT but there are no examples of exactly how to go about it. I’d like to use it for some convolution effects.

I might have more questions as I keep digging deeper and will post in this thread. Any help is appreciated!


Update 1: ofClamp on the oscillator output seems to work on basic waveshaping to clip values.

hello @ayruos, I’ve put some usage example with OF and Maximilian here, fft is also included

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Thanks @edapx going to dig through your code tonight! Will ask if I have any questions.

Hi @edapx your FFT examples look good! But I wanted to use the maxiIFFT object to resynthesise stuff based on the FFT analysis and apply filters/effects to separate bands in the process. Any idea how that’ll work?