Matrox Triplehead

I’m just wondering if these ( are still the best way to go to split a projection into 3 screens? Has anyone used anything else? I don’t see much competition out there but just thought I’d see what other people were using. Thanks!

Hey , I’ve research little and find other hardware, MV103-HDVE PRO, with good result using winXp (extern-post). For me, matrox looks like the best option with more documentation and support, etc…
Also here I was trying to discuss about options for OF large window

Thanks for the link to the MV103-HDVE, I hadn’t seen that one, but it looks like the matrox is the better way of going. I saw your other thread, thanks for getting the conversation going there!

yes, these mviewtech people have been pushing their product in the last half year or so, but i have yet to meet anybody who has actually used it, and before that happens there’s no way i would buy it.
i’d say triplehead is still the way to go, although there are alternatives.
the EMS iVu devices (quadhead so to say), which got recommended by experienced people…-Videowall/ or maybe the new ATI eyefinity cards, but i have hands-on experience with neither.

I have used an ATI card with EyeFinity. worked fine in OF with no issues. just like 1 big montior.

Ah, the Eyefinity looks pretty amazing, I’m just seeing much on whether drivers are available for OSX. Were the artist not so attached to having their Mac run the installation, I’d be done. The only supported upgrades afaict are for Radeon 4000 series, and the EyeFinity is only supported on 5000 series. Anyone know different?

I have only used it on my windows box. I would it expect it not to work on OSX (at least currently) and don’t have a mac pro lying around these days to try it out on.

Two more options for the non-OSX attached:

1 the NVS line from NVIDIA. e.g., gives you 4x display ports or 4x DVI (depending on the model) for ~$300 at 2560x1600 per monitor (higher res than th2go).

2 Matrox has some similar cards as well: The advantage being that you can get a single card rather than buying an extra device (the th2go).

We (Zach, Vanderlin, Kyle McDonald, Pete Hellicar) used two TripleHead2Go’s for the NZ Night Lights project without any problems.

See this post:,000,000/2705/0

As Pete’s wife said, it’s like a dead rhino safari picture for the 21st Century.

Very nice. I’m guessing though that the card my friend is using isn’t going to be a fraction as nice. Just for completeness on this thread, if people are interested in seeing what’s possible with a triplehead2go the compatibility list is here:

Dual head2go or Triple head2go are the best. I have used them on all my projection jobs in the past 2 years. >40 jobs.