Master audio output fx raspberry pi

Hi, I am lloking for a way to have an audio compressor to control volume on the output of my raspberry pi 3 (running jessie) without hardware. I came accross these plugins

But as far as I can tell they are not compiled for arm. I am making roving audio generating stuff for the PI and want to have a more even volume, it is generative and I like the sound but the fluctuations are too much, and turning everything up distorts.

It would be great if anyone has any tips


I was a bit hesitant to try the plugins as getting OF running on the PI took a bunch of time and I had to move fast. In the end I made a pretty dodgy but passable solution. I was working with generating audio (sin wav with noise and modulation). I made a very simple compressor in the code looking at the current value of my sample and reducing it by a ratio if I was above a threshold. Like a real compressor, but dodgy. It does the trick. One of the reasons I ended up needing this is the difference in the way the PI sums audio vs my mac. Stuff that was fine on my mac gave super distorted results on the PI. I am guessing OSX has some super slick high bit depth summing mixer inside that allows for a lot more headroom.