mapping projection with tracking system. Help

Hi, This is my first post, hopefully somebody can help me.

I am doing a video mapping for an art gallery and they ask me if its possible that the mapping starts when one person gets closer to the mapped area. The software i am using to do the mapping support OSC. So maybe i have to do a tracking system or something but im not sure.

Please let me know .


hey there,

Check out a little openFrameworks based standalone app called openTSPS:

It’s a general purpose video tracker that sends OSC data. If you have good control of the lighting you can use a normal webcam (like ps3) or use a kinect.

here’s a little video showing how to connect it to Unity3d, but will be your mapping application instead

sounds fun, good luck!

Hi, OpenTSPS it’s a great application, you can use it or you can try developing a Kinect Application, maybe the software for videomapping already has a module for kinect.

I would go for a kinect application for me it has a better scalability and better performance than other CV applications or you could try using an Arduino and a Ping module :slight_smile:

Hey obviousjim, openTSPS is exactly what i was looking. I hope i can put all together and make it work.
By the way the Sniff installation, its amazing. Maybe one day we can talk and work in some projects together.

@Alejandro the videomapping software i am using doesnt have a kinect module, and for sure i would love to develop the kinect app myself but i am short in time.