Manually Generated ofMesh has no Normals/Faces/Indices

I’m currently trying to generate a tube that modulates its radius using the sine of ofTimeElapsedf(). I have the vertices drawn, and have managed to do so using both OF_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLE_STRIP and OF_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLE. I can add normals to each vertex manually — though they look wrong — by adding the cross product of the other two vertices in the triangle, and normalizing that sum.

I found solutions for this that use ofMesh’s .getUniqueFaces() function, but because my mesh doesn’t have faces — but still draws as an opaque mesh … which doesn’t seem possible without faces — I can’t use that solution to ensure my normals are accurate. Is there some way to easily generate those faces, or even just have the normals generated automatically when the mesh is drawn?

Also, I tried to manually create faces, but it looks like the ofMeshFace() constructor requires Normals, which I obviously don’t have… I’m not even totally sure of that though, since that portion of the ofx source code doesn’t look anything like the .h/.cpp structure I’m used to.

Hi! Can you share a minimal example?