Manipulation of OFPath from a live video source?

Hi All,

I posted about an hour ago asking about how I can leave trails of a polyline, but I wanted to ask a much more straightforward question.

I am creating an interactive installation where I take the contour of the body and manipulate in an illustrative manner.

Currently, in my draw() function, I have iterated through the contour finder and stored the contour into an ofPath. I then draw the ofPath within my draw() function.

My question is…how can I now take this ofPath and conduct further manipulations to it? As in, I want to fluctuate its shape/size/animate it external of user’s input, etc. I am confused on where this would take place in the application. I understand that I can do this in the update() function, but my ofPath is not declared globally, it is declared in the draw() function. When it is declared globally, it leaves a trail of previous frames and eventually breaks the program…

Any pointers would be ever greatly appreciated. Thanks so much guys!

I think I answered this in my answer to your other question just now. Let us know if you need any more explanation.