Manipulating Audio from Different ofVideoPlayers

So I have multiple instances of ofVideoPlayer going, and all of them have different audio. What I want to do is take the audio from each of those video files and affect their volumes independently (kind of like building a mixer for each of these videos). I suppose one thing I could do is strip the audio from the video file and use ofSoundStream, but is there a way to deal with the audio directly from ofVideoPlayer?


If it’s just the volume you want to control, there is the member function setVolume(float volume) to do just that, e.g.:


Ah, that might be all I need for right now! Thank you. In the future though, I might try to do more processing to the sound from videos, would you recommend running a sound file parallel to the video file?

Yes, you can do that. However, If you want to use a lot of filters for processing the audio, it’s less convenient to do that in OF (while it is easier in Max or Max4Live, which you would have to link to OF then)

When loading A + V separately, you would want to only start playing once both files are done loading, and build a syncing mechanism to ensure sync through playback (for instance controlling the speed of one of the tracks, for which the deviation is expected to be very small)