Managing Project Code

Hi all, I’m going to be dipping back into OF since using it at university about 10 years ago. Is it still the case that all project code lives in the app’s directory? Or is there now a way to separate project code from the core OF library code? I’m thinking about how to keep my stuff in version control whilst not having the entire OF source tree there too.

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Hi Jack,

Yes , in git just make a repository of your app folder in apps/myApps/ and you can also use .gitignore to only track the src, addons, make and include files in the repo if you like.

Good morning Dan,

Thanks for your suggestion, I think this is the way that I’ll go.

I guess what I was wondering is if there is now a way to use OF as a library with headers to include and static libs to link against via a project specific Make or CMakeLists.txt

Never mind, I think just keeping my projects in a myApps repo and cloning that in place in the OF tree is just as easy.

As an aside, I have been browsing your website and YouTube channel Dan, some very cool stuff you have done!


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thankyou :slight_smile: