Managing local/custom addons/files

I’m trying to work on a few class that I can utilize in several projects but I’m having some confusion about how to manage these and integrate them into my projects. I’m wondering what’s a good way of doing this.

I can see that I can create a folder in the addons and put my file there and manage it with the PG. This way I’m basically having them as a custom addons if I understood this correctly. I tried this and its nice but I’m not sure if it’s a good way of doing it.

I’m also reading that I can use local_addons and put everything into a folder and use it from there.

I’m wondering if someone could briefly help me with this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

yes addons are a great way to share code across projects. local_addons allow you to have a local copy in case you want to have an specific version per project but having them in addons is usually fine for most cases