Making OF app 'fullscreen' properly in Gnome?

Hi all! I’d like to make an ofx app I’m working on so that it will correctly ‘F11-fullscreen’ on Gnome/Wayland (Ubuntu 22).

Simply “Maximising” the window hides the window border nicely but still leaves the Gnome top bar in place. I’d like for everything to be properly hidden so that only the OF app window contents show, similar to what happens when you press F11 or fullscreen other properly-coded apps on Gnome (eg Firefox, Terminal, etc).

I don’t really know where to start figuring out how to do implement this, so if anyone even has any pointers where to start then they would be much appreciated!

Hey @doctea - welcome!! :slight_smile:
Does this work for you:

void ofApp::keyPressed(int key) {
	if(key == OF_KEY_F11 ){

Wow, it was that easy! Many thanks for your welcome and help, theo :smiley: