Making Comouter Vision Applications to run at 60 fps...

Dear All,

I just had a thought and I thought it would be interesting to get your feedback.I am currently using a core 2 duo 3 GHz computer and I am using a Firewire -i digital Camera (…-e-i-DC.htm) whose fps is limited to 30 .I am using this system for testing computer vision applications.

I wanted to know that if I am deciding to use the fire-i-520 ( for my applications.

It says that it can run upto 60 fps but i was wondering what configuration would i need to run at 60 fps ,since I would like to use it in my project as well as see if its practically possible or not .

I would really appreciate any suggestions,thoughts or comments which you could make on the above,


Hey !

Your program will run as fast as possible depending on main cost algorithm.

Camera framerate just depen on his own framerate, most of times the computer vision algorithm is waiting (isframenew?) the new frame image from the camera.

For fast computer motion tracking is better use high framerate (between 30 and 70 is enough), but then it will compute more frames and the app probably will go down the main framerate.

More important is how much resolution you want to use…with 640x480 and heavy computer algorithm probably your system will get slower, this is the main issue, most of times decide use 320x240 is smarter.

One easy solution is limit the main framerate APP, use ofSetFrameRate() for it. For example to 50, then only 50 times per second the software will compute all your algorithms if isframenew is ready for each time.

This camera, looks nice, I would like to know about the color quality. If you decide buy it , could give us your feedback?

hope this help you