Making an addon for nanomsg

I’m trying to use nanomsg in my project for communicate between different processes.
Nanomsg has no dependencies and compiles on OS X and my Raspberry Pi using it’s included autoconf build system.

It’s quite simple to use nanomsg on any system by building it as per it’s instructions and then using pig-config to include it’s linker and include flags. But, I’m struggling with how to include Nanomsg in my project.

It seems like if I wanted to create ofxNanomsg I would need to repackage it into a header only addon and/or somehow include platform specific build tools.

How would I build nanomsg using it’s own build system and then link to it in a platform agnostic way?

Or perhaps it would be enough to have a make-based workflow on OS X that also works on Linux, but it seems a shame not to create an addon.

What would be the best strategy?

Hi sjltaylor,

I wrote ofxNanomsg over an year ago. It’s based on satoruhiga’s ofxZmq.
I haven’t been able to be updated the addon until now. And not tested enough. :confused:
Current issues are here.

Unfortunately I can’t solve the issues soon because I’m tied up with other projects…
But your fixes are always welcome! If you send me the PRs, I’ll make sure to merge them in.


Thanks for the link.

I’m going to use UDP instead, there’s doubt about the future of nanomsg and I have a simple use-case.