Making a new project in Xcode


i have gone through all the beginners guides given in the wiki. i am unable to find the section on a step by step description (or any) on how to make anew OF project using xcode. I could modify the given examples but i have no clues as to how to create a new app from scratch as in making the .xcodeprojfile and everything else. Please help me out, i am new to the mac os platform but have done a bit of c++ coding before.

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I had the same problems when first started using OF, thankfully it is very easy.

My understanding is that the OF creators recommend to use the emptyExample project to start any new OF project, because the emptyExample contains the bare minimun requiere by the framework, so is just case of copy, paste and rename

  1. All you need to create a new project is a copy of the emptyExample folder project located in the examples folder [your of directory]/apps/examples/

  2. Copy the emptyExample folder and paste somewhere else, I usually do it inside of my OF directory, e.g. [my of directory]/code/emptyExample

  3. Rename the empyExample folder and the emptyExample.xcodeproj to your like

  4. Open the .xcodeproj file and go to Targets, and again rename emptyExample

  5. Go to the SDK dropdown menu and select Release, and then select Debug again, this will change the name of the .app file

Hope that helps!


Thank you very much. now i can get started with openframeworks…yay

Hi all!
This is my first post and… thank you for the tips! :slight_smile: