Making a copy of a project

I’m just playing around and getting a feel for oF, and the obvious way to do that seems to me to be to take the examples, make copies and mess around with them… only I can’t see any obvious way to make a copy! Save Project As makes a project using the same source files, rather than another copy; copying the project directory and renaming gives me ‘error: ofMain.h: No such file or directory.’

What am I missing here?

Thanks folks!

hey Oolong,

I found this plugin for Code Blocks / xCode useful although still in beta

Check it out

Um… thanks, but I’m not sure how that helps?

If you make a copy of a project it should work but just make sure that it is at the same directory depth as the other OF examples…ie. in the same folder as the examples or in another folder at the same folder depth.

So it does! I now have an ‘Experiments’ folder alongside ‘Examples’. Thanks grimus, I have no idea how long it would have taken me to think of trying that…

Glad you solved it…
The reason for this is so that your application can find the OF libraries (which are found relative to your application).