Maker workshops in Utrecht (The Netherlands) September/October

The Maker’s Workshop is a project consisting of six workshops created
for artists. These workshops are designed to improve and enrich your
own creative process. During the workshops different subjects and tools
will be taught inviting you to learn new skills and take a fresh look at
how you create.

By following the workshops you will get hands-on experience
with new tools and concepts offered by skilled teachers working as
professional artists. It will be an opportunity to learn, share and add
new knowledge to your artist’s toolbox.


6 workshops:
1: Running Projects Efficiently
2: Online projects with GitHub
3: Linux Up And Running (Raspberry Pi)
4: Internet And Networks: The Simplicity Of Networking
5: Spatial Projection: Creating Immersive Environment
6: Sound In Context: The History And Meaning Of Audio In (Interactive) Contemporary Art

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