Make your own openFrameworks project on Raspberry pi

Hey, :slight_smile:

I finally have openFrameworks working on raspberry pi 3.
I really happy about that, but now the second challenge begon.

I love to writte my own openFrameworks project and let that work on the raspberry pi. But I seriues don’t know where to start.

I follow the steps to make a empty project.

and than the whole setup guide at the openframeworks website stop. So I really don’t know how to type my C++ code in the new project i had made.

The only thing I know is when you type make in putty.
De empty new project build and after that you can run it.
But you get a white screen because I did’t write code in de new empty project.

Please can some tell my how to writte code in the new project I have made?
must you do that in putty?
or on your pc in visual studio?
and how do you get that project on the raspberry pi?

Thanks for helping

you can use putty to ssh into the raspberry and use vim or nano (or whichever text editor you it has installed) to write code. THen you just make && make run

Another way is to write the code on a pc, then copy those files into the raspi and compile.
for this you can use scp in putty.

scp path/to/the/local/file username@remoteIP:path/to/remote/file

or you could implement crossplatform compiling to make it faster, which is explained here

or you can use github. write the code on your pc, push it to github, then pull it in the raspi and compile.

hope it helps.