Make system & linux static apps

hi oF.

just to praise and thank you for the excelent and simple makefile system, been working for me on 0.9.3.

i get to use only the command line on linux & osx, which is way faster than ide’s.

so thanks!

another thing i’ve been thinking is how hard can it be to get linux apps the same love windows and osx apps have, ie, when you compile on windows or osx, they run out of the box on any other system, probably because they are fully static or link to the right places, which almost never happens on linux as ldd reports…

on past years i tested a couple of static linux of versions flying around, but they almost never worked for me…

i was wondering since you already have static going for emscripten, how hard would it be to add a flag to the common makefile and deliver a fully static app that would run out of the box in the arch it was compiled for.



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