Make recompiles everything on Ubuntu 20.04

If I just make a single change in ofApp.cpp and do a make in terminal the whole project and all addons will compile again. It takes up to 20 min no matter how large the change was.

This isnt normal. Normally it would just recompile the file that was changed. But for some reason it doesnt. Have tried on two different computers with the same setup. Latest oF and Ubuntu 20.04.

Anyone with similar problems? How could I solve this?

That’s not normal, I just tried this with PopOs 20.04 and OF 0.11.0 and only the relevant file recompiles. I made a test project with two larger addons and they weren’t touched after a single initial compile.

Perhaps you are setting things up incorrectly.

I think there was some fault on that ubuntu setup. Doesn’t happen on others. I managed to get the software working at least, so now I don’t have to worry about that!

It was kind of random. Sometimes it compiled everything and sometimes not.

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I’ve got the same problem with Ubuntu studio 20.04 and OF 0.11.2, did you find a solution ?