Make program to send a friend


I started to learn c++ yesterday without earlier experience.
I made a c++ win32 project. edited a source.cpp file in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express. tested it works good.

But how do I convert this into a execute file who can run the program on other machine without the programming software?

My english isnt my best side, but hopefully you all understands :slight_smile:

On mac, the built app is stored in appName/bin/. Iโ€™d imagine thatโ€™s the same for Windows.

When you run the application in Visual studio it compiles it and save the binary in the bin\ folder of your application. To give the application to someone you need to copy the .exe and the .dll stored in that bin folder.
To redistribute it to someone who doesnt have visual studio, you need to compile your application in Release mode and the person will have to install VC++ redistributable for vs2012 32bit ( ).