make not producing

I’m trying to compile a project of my own toodling. From terminal, I run the make command. An executable is created in the bin directory, but no The executable will not open, though the emptyExample_debug will. I’m using 0062 in 64 bit Linux.

yes, since 0062, the clickToLaunch script is not needed anymore, are you getting any errors when launching the app?

No errors when I launch the app, but I’d like to make a stand alone launcher to pass on to others.
How do I go about doing this?

just copy the bin folder with all it’s contents, include also the script

in linux though you need to compile for the exact version in which you are going to run the binary so an application compiled in ubuntu 10.10 probably won’t work on 10.04 or 11.04

this is because of dependencies with exact versions of dynamic libraries in the system and because in linux things are supposed to be distributed as source or packages which are compiled from source for each version