Make ignoring .h file changes.

I know it must be something remarkably simple, but ever since switching to archlinux my .h file changes have not been included in my builds unless I do a ‘make clean’ first.

I know ‘make’ sufficed before.

What could I be doing wrong?

This is with the emptyExample from a fresh download. If I change the .cpp file ‘make’ will catch it. If I change the .h file ‘make’ will not.


Was I just spoiled by more Ubuntu hand waving?

Interestingly, I can reproduce this on my Ubuntu 32bit machine. I opened a new issue:

this is fixed in develop, just rerun the script and it’ll fix the makefiles

OK, thanks. :slight_smile:

Just a note - I ran into this problem recently - you will need to copy the latest Makefile in the template directory from the development branch, and then run to fix this.