Major issues with Xcode 5 and oF 0.8.0

I just tried to move my iphone project over to the new Xcode and it’s having some pretty major issues in ofTypes.h. It seems to be mostly namespace issues where it does not recognize Tr1 at all.

In the last version of xcode I had the issue in ofTypes, so I had to switch compiler versions just to make the thing work, but now it just won’t work no matter what I use.

Any ideas?

I had the same issue with some projects on 10.9 with Xcode 5. gcc is no longer and option and “#include <tr1/memory>” is not found on line 9 of ofTypes.h.

The fix was to regenerate the project files using the projectGenerator in the 0.8.0 download.

i had changed the deployment target to 10.8 in project general and Build setting.
And then it was no more error.

can you check the deployment target? I noticed this issue on the more recent xcode, deployment target iOS 7.0 gives this issue. I had to hand set the deployment target to 6.1 as a fix for now.

here’s the github issue if you want to follow it:

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