Made with openFrameworks

I wanted to share this with you, is not a super cool graphics app… but is the proof that you can use oF to make all kind of things.

Is made in oF and the neural network part in openVino

Sorry is in spanish


Hi Pandereto, that’s a pretty cool project.

I was wondering if you had any issues integrating openVINO with openFrameworks. I’ve made a couple of projects combining both tools (I’ve even made an openVINO addon for openFrameworks) but some of them don’t work properly when I try to run them on a Raspberry Pi with the Intel Neural Computer Stick 2. They run nicely in ubuntu with the NCS2, but in the raspi they crash when I try to perform a second inference.

Have you ever faced this kind of issue?

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Hi David

Well openvino is a bit… tricky (dont know the exact english word) and has a lots of bugs i spend looots of time with that. Its super cool when it works :slight_smile: but when not is @#@#~@~

The issue exact as you describe i did not see it, but i can help if you want.

What openvino version are you using and what kind of model? Describe a bit your use or if you prefer send me a privete msg

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Thank you very much for your reply.

My project is a bit complex because I’m using a custom model and it needs some specific audio hardware to generate the input; there is more information in the thread I opened in the Intel forums. I am still working in an easier way to reproduce the issue, but I have a lot of things to do at the moment and I can’t spend too much time in this.

I assume that when you say in ubuntu works you mean it works with MYRIAD also, and you think it works until you look at the cpu usage doing inference on myriad…take a look and you will see a abnormal high cpu… is a bug. In raspbian it cost you one core 100%.

I have a openvino version compiled that can share in private as i dont know if i can share… it works perfect on x64 linux. It worked for me on a amr64 board i was going to try on raspbian os64 but run out of time so went to a x64 cheap celeron rugged nuc.

Do a fast test, export your model in irv7, download version 2019 R3 and try, that version is very good, later they incorporate ngraph or something and think began to get broken… There is a lot of people still running that version specially on rpi.

Sorry for my late reply, I lost the notification from your message and I’ve just seen it.

I think my issue was related to the fact that openVIINO is compiled for armv7 while the OF version that works with raspbian is compiled for armv6. I finally was able to run my project on the RasPi using Ubuntu Server instead of Raspbian, but I needed to add PROJECT_LDFLAGS += -latomic to the config.make file of the project (see Rpi 4 / Raspbian Buster / openFrameworks) and comment the line #define HAVE_OPENCV_STITCHING in /opt/intel/openvino/include/opencv2/opencv_modules.hpp (see

I should publish in GitHub the openVINO addon I developed and this information when a have some time.

Yes, correct openvino release for raspbian is armv7 but you can easy compile it for armv6… or compile oF in armv7 also easy, what do you prefer

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