Made with OF: 🌈 Game Script, a free general purpose 3D editor!

Hello there!

What if OF was a scripting language inside an interactive code editor? This is what basically Game Script is, a way to program games and interactive 3D applications at runtime, powered at the core by openFrameworks, Ape scripting language by Krzysztof Gabis, and other code of mine I developed over the years.

I just want to thank @arturo and other OF contributors, without you guys this wouldn’t be possible! :hugs:

Download and use for anything, including commercial projects, for Windows and Ubuntu, for free, here:


Hello, that looks interesting. Is it open sourced? I am doing something similar. And i am wondering if you created the bindings to oF by hand or if there is a way to automate this, like with swig.

It’s closed source with open APIs for other programmers to use as well. I modified and wrapped most of openFrameworks and some of my old ofxaddons in C and fused it into a library I call ‘framework’, it’s here with C headers ready to use on Windows and Linux:

I did everything by hand, yeah. It was a lot of work, but stable ABI worth it in the end for me.

Now with runtime compiled C++!