MacOS trackpad / Magic Mouse multi-touch events

Hi everyone, anyone know how to pick up pinch-zoom and two finger x/y scrolling on MacOS? I found ofxMultiTouchPad but I couldn’t get it to compile sadly.


Try which can generate events for

Ah this looks helpful! I got it running but I couldn’t figure out how to get touch events from different devices, but it picked up my Magic Mouse perfectly! Is there a way to get the system scroll and zoom events, rather than turning them off and then re-interpreting them with ofxPointer… any advice appreciated, thanks!

I don’t know how easy this is to do, but here’s someone who’s modified glfw to add zoom support –

in particular it looks like they added some functions to

and then expose them

another option if this is just for you not for an app you are distributing is maybe to use a tool that “interprets” those events and passes them to the OF app in a way that’s easy to understand – for example, maybe better touch tool or keyboard maestro can help in that capacity (not sure, just throwing out some suggestions)

Thanks so much for the suggestions @zach! I must admit I’d be a little out of my comfort zone editing glfw haha. It will be for a distributed app (eventually) :blush: