macOS + Eclipse + oF on Android

Hey, has anyone been able to compile oF 0.9.8 for Android using Eclipse on macOS? I followed the setup guide, managed to resolve a couple linker path errors, and now getting an error:
/of_v0.9.8_android_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/ *** This package doesn't support your platform, probably you downloaded the wrong package?. Stop.

Upon digging into the file in this directory, I see something that it is tested on Ubuntu 12.04.01 64-bit and all other platforms listed Under Development.

I would love to get openFrameworks up and running on my Android. Any guidance very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hey @plong0 I can’t tell you much about eclipse, but if you’re open to switching to Android Studio, this guide might shed some light on how to do that: Getting started with openFrameworks on Android

Hey @irene, thanks! I am just getting back into openFrameworks and pretty new to native mobile development, so totally open to working with Android Studio if it is the easier path. My initial research had led me to believe that Eclipse was the more community-accepted IDE… but the official opeanFrameworks Android + Eclipse setup doc seems a bit outdated compared to what the oF 0.9.8 release includes for examples.

Looks like my first Android Studio “Hello World” just compiled :slight_smile: Going to test this out and then check out your article on getting openFrameworks up and running.

Thanks again!