MacOS Coding Signing not working

MacOS security prompts users to accept using apps with password in the system preferences, if the compilation was not certified from a app developer. This is complicated when I send my app to someone else.

As I have a dev certificate, this can be avoided by signing the app with my profile.

But this causes the following error message: code object is not signed at all
In subcomponent:
Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

Anybody has experience with that?
How do I avoid the security issue, when giving the app to other users?

Thanks a lot

did someone solved this?

I am having issues when shared my app. app ‘quits unexpectedly’ in another machine.
I am compiling on Sierra and app crashes on High Sierra and Mojave too. I tried to add my free icloud dev profile…

Not tried this yet… but would be nice to make it easier into Xcode…

Also tried this las comment but app stills crashing…

If you use later versions of OF ( 0.10.1 for example ) there is a build target called App Store which should make it easy to sign and release for macOS App Store.

This isn’t available though in older versions ( 0.9.1 ).
If you don’t want to switch to a newer OF and you are using GLFW windowing and not GLUT you could remove the GLUT framework from the link and copy build phases ( click on the App Target and then go to the Build Phases Tab ).

Hope that helps!

What do you want to do?

  1. Share your app with your client?
    You don’t need code sign but need to solve osx translocation problem. You can codesign via terminal(not from Xcode) with free account, probably you can skip translocation and osx security warning on app first launch at the client machine, but not really needed.

  2. Distribute app to app store?
    You need to pay for Apple Dev licence.
    Recently I tried to codesign with my expired Apple dev account, I could not codesign via Xcode(AppStore target).

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This is solved by codesign fmod first and then sign your app. Or you can strip fmod by using nofmod template.

Use comandlinePG to use template feature, or just copy and paste runtime scripts. See /openframeworks/scripts/templates/nofomd

I found my memo here.
How to codesign to oF app without Apple developer license.


I think we could probably codesign fmod as part of the AppStore pre build script steps. I’ll open an issue for it.