macOS Catalina, Notarizing apps

I have no intention to upgrade, but often we have to release demos to clients which may have updated to macOS X Catalina. This can quickly become a huge headache.

Has anyone tried notarizing OF Apps on Xcode yet? Any luck?

I saw this step by step guide posted recently.

Notarizing looks like a bundle of fun :confused: and looks like it requires a $100 a year developer account.
I wonder if there is a way to notarize for free?


Thx for the link! I’ve just spent the last hour or jumping through the hoops and it did end up working. I managed to do it from Xcode 10.1 on High Sierra 10.13.6 (on a hackintosh no less). Can’t actually test bc I don’t have any mac with Catalina on it, but all the steps seemed to work.

The final notarized app also takes a few seconds to launch (compared to the non-notarized version), and quite a large network spike, so I guess apple calls home every time you launch it?

It seems you need to create a lot of “things” per-app with all their unique bundle identifier BS and how knows what other made up requirements, so I think this means forget about distributing different sketches easily all under the same process. Be ready to spend a good amount of time for each different app you want to distribute, and then for each release.

Also, you need to input some weird password in one of the latter steps, so I’m not sure this will fit in Xcode Build Steps either… Maybe a new scheme (Distributable Release or something alonge these lines) and an Xcode Build step when targeting that scheme that opens up a terminal window, does all it can automatically, and prompts for the user to complete the last bits?

Sigh… Apple are really trying their best to push their users away.