Macbook pro review (with oF development)


I just want to know if anyone here is using the basic macbook pro (13", 2.4GHz Intel core2Duo, 4GB ram, GeForce 320M) for oF development.

I know the performance depends with the program but I want to know how this machine has performed in your projects to have an idea of what can I achieve with this hardware.

I’m planning to buy one of these and wanted some advice.

Thanks a lot.

you’ll find it works fine for most tasks. compile times may be a bit slow compared to a high end machine.

I would suggest looking at geekbench scores as a good metric. I would say a score above 2500 would be sufficient for most tasks.

I find that since a lot of my projects need to be deployed on small machines, it makes sense to develop or at least test them on slower machines. If I make everything on a quad or 8 core workstation sometimes it goes out with disappointing performance on the target/deployment machines which are usually little mac minis or small pcs.

I think this is actually the computer that Theo uses (one of the OF founders)…
he might have the 2.66ghz version but honestly theres not much difference between 2.4 and 2.66ghz.

unless you’re doing super high end crazy bajillion 3d particles mesh stuff you should just just fine.

My gf spilt water on her 13inch yesterday and destroyed it, just ordered a new one, so don’t do that.

I use a 15 inch and love it.

There are updates to the pro soon, you can keep up to date with them at its a good site.

One of mine has had tea spilled on it, then was and dropped and the screen was destroyed. I still use it regularly. (via vnc, or with an external monitor) And if it’s really destroyed, it’s never a bad idea to learn how disassemble and service a laptop by yourself.


I am looking to upgrade from my MacBook, which slowed down to about 3fps this morning.

My project involves particles systems and fluids reacting to audio analysis data and computer vision data in real-time. SD or HD? no biggie.

I have asked many people what computer I need. Obviously, I want a MacBook Pro.

But is that enough power?

I’ve been told that I need a desktop for what I am doing though I’d rather stay portable
I’ve been told that I should go PC linux to get the most power but I’d rather stay mac

I’ve been told that RAM is more of bottleneck than processor speed
" " Graphics Card is more important than CPU

and that code optimizations such as using trees over lists, proper threading, sending tasks to the GPU make a bigger difference than the hardware!!!

what’s true?!
what do I need?

Any suggestions are appreciated

Been a while since you posted, but I’d definitely say hold off if you can for any longer. New Macbook Pros rumored for this thursday, and likely have some nifty SSD which should be interesting.

Hah! Just got one today. Unfortunately, nothing compiles anymore. Complaining about missing carbon.h. Haven’t looked into it enough yet. Hopefully I’ll post some fps ratings soon!