MacBook Pro freezes every time I run the kinectExample (xcode 5.1 & of_v0.8.0 osx release)

Been using the kinectExample from of_v0.8.0 osx release with xcode 5.1 on a MacBook Pro running Mavericks. When i initially began the issue would happen occasionally, but as of recently I cannot run the program because it locks up my computer every single time. The kinect app is still running and I am still getting feedback from that, but it disables everything else, no mouse control, no keyboard control, nothing. Am i missing something? Thought it might be the kinect, but went and purchased a new one with the same issues. Checked the cpu usage and memory because i thought that may be the issue as well, but everything seems to be operating within a normal tolerance.

same here : Kinect 1414 freezing with OF 0.8 and OSx 10.9

seems like a known bug of OF 0.8 with 10.9 (in my case) …
i know that the only way to get rid of the freezing keyboard and mouse is shaking the mouse while program is starting to run until the window app pops up.