Macbook Pro 2018 cpu blink

Since I’ve updated to Macbook Pro 2018 i7 I’ve been noticing from time to time CPU stops and I’ve got a freeze frame for 2 or 3 frames, which turns the machine unusable for live performance or live video recording.

This was not noticeable in Macbook Pro Retina 2015 or any other machine before.
I’ve read about CPU Throttling, and thermal throttling but it seems even the latest system updates didn’t solve it.
Even Raspberry Pi 3B+ is able to deliver more steady performance in some cases.

Anybody else having issues with this laptop generation? Any ideas of how to avoid?
Thank you

can you test with some other software processes, like a CPU video render and see if it also happens, not just with OF. Also do you have a lot of other software installed. I have had a lot of strange trouble with adobe create cloud manager running on late OSX setups.