Macbook Pro 13' Early 2011 shader/OpenCL performance

I’m still waiting for my student loans to trickle down to me, but I’m in the market for a new development laptop.
The new MBP 15 with the quad core i7 and ATI graphics sounds like a dream to develop on, but It would be close to $2500 for that machine, and I could buy several small desktops and a cheap notebook for that amount. The 13" is closer to what I’m willing to spend.

Does anyone have the new 13’ with the core i5 and intel HD 3000 graphics? I’m curious to see how it handles things like shaders, FBOs and 3d textures and OpenCL in OF. It is really hard to find any info about shader benchmarks for the new intel graphics. I’m not even sure they can handle complex GLSL shaders at all, but I would think that Apple would work with intel to make sure that things like that and OpenCL work properly.

The HD3000 is supposed to perform roughly on par with the GF9400/320m and Radeon HD 5450, but most benchmarks are for simple games with little to no advanced shader usage.

If anyone has one of these machines and can provide some numbers or has found a relevant benchmark, I would love to know what the deal is.