Macam ps3eye Mountain Lion

What do you mean by this – is the application crashing? Are you running all cameras in the same thread? It seems that creating and destroying all cameras would be pretty slow … but I don’t have all of your code, so it’s tricky to say.

Okay. Finally had some time to test. So at 640x480 I can only get a max of 4 cams over a USB3 port. Once I add the 5th cam the fames start glitching out (biting the dust). The app does not crash. Just get wacky frames when >4 cams.

One thing I wanted to try was plugging 4 cameras into one USB3 port and another 4 into the other. Weird thing is, the app seems to only check ONE port. It wont check both for cams. Any idea why that is? Will splitting the cams over USB ports even help?

4 cams still looks quite rad, but i wanna push this! I think 6 could be the magic number. I am going to adjust the spacing so the cams are extremely close together, thus more smooth.

Here is the code I am using. Very basic. WIDTH=640, HEIGHT=480, FPS=5 (although it probably just sets it to 30)

@bakercp (sorry not sure you see these posts unless i add you…)
thanks in advance

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I only have three cameras right now, but just ordered about 200 for a project (you can buy bulk boxes of 36 online for anywhere between $40 and $90) … so I’ll get some first hand experience with glitching soon, I’m sure. I’ll post back if I find any solutions.

o m g. haha. the 40$ matrix rig.
excited to see this 200 camera project! if you can hook up 200, i can definitely hook up 6.
where are you buying these from in bulk?
any insight as to why the library is only checking ONE usb port?

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I just ordered a bunch from here: The shipping is a bit more expensive, but cheaper than free shipping options. Googling around will yield some other sellers with various prices in the same ballpark.

I’m not sure I can get 200 running at once … will definitely take a lot of USB bandwidth. I’m expecting that multiple machines will be required. I did get 4 running on a raspberry pi 2 @ 320x240 with a high framerate though, so I’m optimistic.

I can’t reproduce the checking only once usb port issue. I’ve got 3 cameras hooked up on each of my USB busses (just a mac laptop) and all of them are located.

As for the glitching, I’m pretty certain that is a just a case of the USB bus bandwidth getting saturated. I can run 4 cameras at 30FPS @ 640x480 off two usb busses, but if I try to do the same using a single usb bus and a hub, i get all sorts of malformed packets and glitchy images. Turning the resolution of fps down allows more to be on the same bus without a problem.

As for how to make the bandwidth saturation degrade more gracefully, basically incomplete images need to be dropped. Currently inspirits access code tries to give you everything it can.

Also just to throw in some math … a typical USB 2 bus has a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 480 megabits / second.

A camera running at 640 x 480 @ 60 fps requires approximately (640 x 480 x 3 x 60 bytes / second == 442.36800 megabits per second). Thus 3 cameras running this fast will likely saturate the usb bus. In my experience on a mac laptop, this is indeed the case.

A camera running at 320 x 240 @ 30 fps requires approximately (320 x 240 x 3 x 30 bytes / second == 55.29600 megabits per second). Thus (in theory) you should be able to get 6+ cameras connected at that data rate on one usb bus.

We’ll see how this plays out in practice … on a raspberry pi I believe it’s a single usb bus that is shared with the ethernet … so basically you would have to cut all of those numbers in half if you wanted to send the data anywhere …

Nice man! I will order a bunch of those. We can jam on this in parallel.
If we can get 4 running on a rpi2 @ 640x480 that would be brilliant. I would build a bunch of little GIF capture booths and put them around NYC :] Could be a super fun experiment.

A mac-mini just landed in my lap. It has 5 USB ports. Going to test over multiple ports on that machine because my macbook-pro is not having it.

Hi Christopher,

I wonder if you could confirm that your example still runs with Xcode7 (taking into account the fix described here on the forum):

When I
go into my openframeworks/addons directory and
clone your repo at and
open the example/example.xcodeproj file,
selecting example/src/main.cpp, and
build the project with ‘example Debug’ targeting my MacMini,
the result is a window with strange filling (maimed image of the desktop wallpaper, or whatever).

I had it working with Xcode6.3 …

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The develop branch is all working for me on xcode 7 and of master branch of OF. I just regenerated the project files using project generator and have not encountered any problems. As for 0.8.4 … I’m not sure … I haven’t used it for over a year.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I’m too much of an OF newbie to understand what you mean with your second sentence.

But luckily, I got it to work in 0.8.4 by decreasing the dimensions in line 33 of example/src/ofApp.cpp:
vidGrabber.initGrabber(320, 240);
To keep up with that smaller size, also in example/src/main.cpp:
ofSetupOpenGL(320, 240, OF_WINDOW);

I got my boxes and boxes of cameras! While they work “out of the box” with native drivers on linux (using ofVideoGrabber) I was having a lot of trouble getting more than one running at a time on Raspberry Pi 2. I made some modifications to ofxPS3EyeGrabber to run on Linux ( and can now get 4 cameras running @ 320x240 @30fps without any problem. I can run 4 x 640x480 @ 15fps, then I bump into USB bandwidth issues … especially if I try to do anything on the network (since RPI2 shares its ethernet controller bandwidth with the USB bandwidth). I’ve got a couple small arm machines around that have separate USB / network bandwidth, so I think I can probably get quite a few cameras hooked up to a small arm device, but will see.

Out of the box on Linux the ofxPS3EyeGrabber will fight with the kernel modules for control of the camera, so after you get all of the cameras plugged in, you can disable the kernel module by calling sudo modprobe -r gspca_ov534, then run your app w/ sudo make run. Anyway … all that to say, you should be able to make a RPI2 4 cam wiggle cam …

The link that leads to the product seems to be expired? Every time I click it, it sends me to a page that, when translated, reads "
Your site has
expired .
If you are a site administrator, please extend the
service from your hosting homepage Login> My Service Management> Service Extensions ."

Are you able to send the link again? I’ve heard that this is the only simple way to use the PS3 eye camera on mac. Works great on a mac. Macam won’t work with modern macos.

Hi sir. i am a complete noob at this stuff. How would I go about compiling what you put together in that github?

Use the openFrameworks project generator (included with the oF release download) to generate the project Xcode files for the included example, then open them and build / run in Xcode.


Hello everyone,

bit of a long shot here, and im not a openframeworks user , but forund this thread on the sony eye and looking like there are allot of people into this camera here.

im trying to use this camera on Osx Mojave , and running into some issues as the macam drive seems like its not working on on mojave.

Im trying to get the stream into maxmsp , if any of you here are max users, you would know max is no longer supporting 32 bit , wich is another ussue with max 8, the quicktime tab is no longer in the jit.grab help file , but my plan was to based on a suggestion from the max forum, wich you can see here…

to send from max 7 over to max 8 a syphon stream wich i now have working.

only issue is i just cant get the sony eye to open in max on mojave, i get the “internal error” message , and no image from the sony eye.

on my other machine osx high sierra, with max 7 im able to get the camera working perfectly, so if all fails ill downgrade beck to high sierra on the new mojave machine …

but based on some of the talkl in this thread, some of you might be abe to edit the driver for me to work with mojave ? , sorry if im completely misslead and or there is something monumental stopping that from being possible, but i thought someone here might be able to help !!

massive thanks and hope to hear from someone !!