Macam ps3eye Mountain Lion

Hi all,
It seems that macam does not work on Mountain Lion, at least with the ps3eye camera. When I try using the videoGrabber all I get is one freeze frame.
Been looking around the web but it seems there are no updates.

This is the latest macam driver I was using before upgrading to 10.8

Any suggestions how to work this around? Thanks!

MBP, osx 10.8.2
OF v0073

it won’t help outside of OF but you may want to give this a try

I modified some codes, it works any way.
Tested on Mac OS X 10.8.3 / PS3 eye, Philips spc900nc

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It works!

Thank you for sorting this out!

Hey! Thanks! Could you please share source code? And by the way, I cannot change resolution or fps on my ps3eye for some reason

Hey Jaegonlee,

I tried it as well and now the ps3eye works with “”. But the “macam.component” still give me the same results as before: a frozen frame.

I would be interested as well to know what you had to change in macam source to have the working.


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I found your Mac OSX 10.8 fix for macam is very useful.
thank you.

just wonder if you could change some code again for higher framerate.

here’s the one i found could reach 180fps of PS eye in macam

or could you please kindly tell me how can you made the macam work for 10.8.

thank you very much

Hi guys,

I found this yesterday:

I haven’t had time to try on the mac that was giving me problems before (using 10.8 OSX).
But already comparing on my mac (with 10.7 OSX) this with the basic OF videoGrabber example (and using macam), I had better performance and as much as twice less CPU load.

On the down side, there is a glitchy frame appearing from time to time.

I will try on my mac with osx 10.8 this evening and will let you know how it goes.

Hi again,

So I tried on my mac where macam was not working before and it worked fine!

Hi Meach,

are you also able to use the ps3eye in Skype or Google Hangouts with the PS3EYEDriver? If so, can you explain some more to a newbie (I’d never heard of openFrameworks as of today)?

I found that on Mac OSX 10.9.1, I could use jaegonlee’s macam modifications somewhat: runs OK, even reporting when the camera is in use by some other application.
Google Hangouts streams with an almost unbearable lag of nearly 4 seconds.
Skype does not recognize a camera being attached to my Mac Mini (mid 2011) at all.

I really would like to use the camera from within Python scripts.

Thanks for any pointers,


Hi Roger,

I was only using the ps3eye with openFrameworks, replacing macam with this PS3EYEDriver. There is an openFrameworks example on github and it was working rather fine with me.

I don’t think I can help you with Google Hangout and Skype and I also didn’t try it on this mac computer.

First post been long timelurker and longtime processing user and this post caught my eye due to an issue im having with macam on Mavericks.

Does anyone have a working macam.component for Mavericks. ? Got a new machine for an installation for a client and last year we ran a project using Lion on a Mac Mini using Isadora with a PS3Eye and all worked great.
This time round new machine required and of course it comes bundled with Mavericks and i cant get it to work with macam.

@jaegonlee the standalone works well on Mavericks - thanks for providing this code, but using the component you bundled i cant get it to work with other software such as Isadora - i just get the first frame and then a freeze

Can anyone suggest a different version of macam.component i can try - id rather not go down the syphon route or make a specific camera stream capture application in processing (or after 2 years finbally get off my butt and learn oF) . By keeping it all in Isadora i was able to just autoboot the Mac and leave it with the client (not tech savvy peeps) with no extra applications needed to run

p.s, i have posted in the Isadora forum and also contacted Mark Coniglio about a bug fix if its a problem with Isadora itself

Hey jaenonlee,

i am trying to compile the latest version of macam. I need support for the PS3eye under Max OS X 10.9.2 for my masterthesis project. Can you tell me, how to compile? I am using Xcode 5.1. Would be very very nice! :slight_smile:


I think the issue here is that the Macam.component is designed to work with the QuickTime api.
On 10.8 we have the QTKitGrabber as the default grabber instead of QuickTime.

Try including ofQuickTimeGrabber.h and using that to capture instead.

Also maybe worth trying before doing that.
Make sure you have QuickTime 7 installed:

You might need that installed to get components to work.

It looks like inspirit’s driver mentioned earlier doesn’t rely on Quicktime

If anyone is still interested, I just added a openFrameworks-specific addon extending the great work of @inspirit.

You can find it here

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Hello @bakercp, I tried your addon and it seems to work great: I tried on several Mac computer and none was complaining about the PS3Eye :smiley:


Glad to hear it @meach! Thanks for testing it out.

Hi guys! i got the working using @jaegonlee’s. But the .component doesn’t seem to work. I can’t detect the video in quicktime but the audio can be detected though.

I want to use ps3 eye on Xcode Mac (OpenCV).

Any solution?

p/s: bdw, Im using the recent ps3 eye model SLEH-00448 instead of the macam support on SLEH-00201. And running OpenCV 64bit

Did you try

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