Mac user wanted for exporting app

disclaimer: no fee involved :frowning:

A friend of mine is developing their installation that involves body movements and reactive sound, for which I made a optical flow program a few years ago using oF and Max. It’s been some time since we ran it last time, and since they have renewed the mac, the old app doesn’t run anymore. I don’t have a mac at the moment and if anyone can help us compile and export the app for catalina 10.15.7 that would be great… the program uses ofxCv, ofxGui, ofxOpenCv, ofxOsc and ofxPubSubOsc.

Please reply here, PM me or ping me on if you can spend some time to help us. Again there is no fee but I will try to compensate somehow… Thanks!

Hello, I just uploaded a video on how to distribute macOS applications on the App Store with notorization.
Maybe it can also help you with your project. I would also take a look at your code.


thanks! I forgot to mark the thread but a kind oF user sorted out the problem! but thank you anyways, I think the video would be valuable for some people :slight_smile: