mac/pc compiling

i know OF works on both mac and pc, but i was wondering what’s been done to allow mac compiled apps to go to pc and vice versa, if anything…of course you guys have done a good job of the preprocessor checks on system and such, so the whole thing could be sent to someone else to compile if they have the OF libs or if you include everything in a zip, but that’s a bit hefty and not so useful for people who have no experience at all in code. anyhow, any info would be great!



this is an interesting tool which allows cross compiling in xcode. it’s based on mingw, so I guess it should be ok, since we compile fine with dev-c++…-win32.html

I don’t know about the other direction though –

this is objective-c coding in mac for mac, win32 and linux… could be a useful link too:

– z

i don’t know if someone has already posted this… but i’m running xcode on a macbook right now and want to compile for both intel and ppc. will the executable that xcode produces work on both, or do i need to recompile it on an older mac system?

– okay, well tested it out on multiple computers and it seems to be fine! it seemed to act strange but was fine after i closed another app that was also using the video camera…doh