Mac Apps - oh the legacy...

What legacy Mac platforms can a finished app run on? I’m trying to run it on a computer with Panther (OS X 10.3) which has Xcode 1.0 installed. I can’t get the program to run or build files to load and compile.

Please please please tell me there is a fix for this that doesn’t involve upgrading. This computer is 9 years old and I don’t think its weak heart can handle a software update.

Also, I noticed that my program is linked to a jpg file and won’t run correctly if it is moved and/or duplicated. Is there any way to embed the jpg?

you will need a more modern version of xcode to compile – you shouldn’t don’t need to upgrade osx though. we’ve posted binaries on – you can download them and try to see if they run – which they should, I’m guessing.

if you move the exe, you need to move the data folder. We introduced the data folder to make it easier to share apps / exes / src across platform. you can put jpegs inside the package (ie, inside the .app package) but currently, when we load something into to OF, we append it’s path with …/…/…/data/* so that it loads properly. I guess you could (if you wanted) throw the data folder inside the .app where the exe is and modify ofToDataPath to return data/* instead of …/…/…/data/*, but I think this is not a great solution. better is to move the data folder along with the exe.

hope that helps!!

From what I’ve found thus far, OSX 10.3 won’t run more modern versions of Xcode or anything made in more modern versions of Xcode.

Yeah that is an issue.

When developing you can either develop against the Systems current SDK - or against the previous OS X versions sdk.

Since leopard we develop on the 10.4u (universal) sdk which means we can compile for both Tiger and Leopard. However software made for 10.4 is not backwards compatible with 10.3 as a lot of the shared frameworks that the app links against have changed in a fundamental way between 10.3 and 10.4.

It is possible to install the 10.3.9 SDK from the xcode tools disk - then in your project settings you would have the option to build against the 10.3.9 SDK. This app would then be able to run on a machine with 10.3 ( would likely need to be 10.3.9 ). You would either need a 10.4 or 10.5 machine to do this.

I don’t think it would be possible to easily develop OF in 10.3, Xcode 1.0
Thats not saying it is not possible but you would have to put together the project file from scratch and deal with missing xcode definitions and features that 005 is now relying on.

Hope that helps!