M1 or Intel Mac mini for OF project?

I’m working on an interactive installation that will use a kinect or some other depth camera and considering whether to use a mac mini with an M1 or Intel processor. The app will be playing back several videos and handling some interaction from the depth camera.
Are the M1 mac minis a little bit too new to reliably use for a production environment? I don’t want to run up against any surprise bugs or find out that OF is completely incompatible with when Apple upgrades to the next version of OSX.
Any advice from people already using M1 macs greatly appreciated:)

I’m using an m1 Mac as a daily machine and I find OF runs pretty reliable on it. I haven’t done any long term installs with it yet but I think the new Mac minis will be great machines for installation work. In general I’ve found most graphics things to be very performant (it’s a MacBook Air, and it’s essentially comparable to a mabook pro from a few years ago) – but there occasionally things I see which are really slow, which kind of reminds me of how sometimes certain gl things could be very slow on iOS – this is rare, and again most things run pretty well. For the most part this machine has been a joy to use and everything seems pretty fast.

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thanks for the reply Zach, what are the things you’ve seen that are pretty slow?

I am using a M1 8GB for a couple of projects.
One with a Kinect 360 and OF. An other with a single USB cam doing lots of computer vision. Both run very smooth.

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I’m happy about M1, it is pretty fast and energy consumption and heat is very low. You don’t need to worry about your computer heat.

In other hand there are some issues (Pink kernel panic) in my case always related to connecting different usb devices with adapters (soundcard, hd, external monitor). And it seems this issues are now more rare due to OS updates.

for me almost everything is similar to speed to other laptops I’ve had but I do have one app which is slow which draws a lot of meshes, say about 4000 particles each with a trail of about 100 points history and I’m generating meshes per frame – so a lot of allocation and non batched drawing. That is very slow on the m1, and slow in a way that reminds me of how sometimes certain geometry operations would be really slow on an iOS device.

update - also I found GL_RGBA32F as an fbo texture target was a little slow, switched to something else that fit my needs (GL_RGB16F) and everything was good.

(update – my speed issue seems to be primarily based on the texture target and I’m back to 60fps after changing some things – YMMV…)

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thanks for all the replies, going to order an M1 mac mini later this week to start working on. :+1: