lumiskin - interactive installation

i just wanted to share this video of an interactive installation i developed using OF v0.06. Mostly using simple graphics primitives and outline tracing (blobs) on the back of some custom computer vision.

also i want to say thanks to everyone involved in making OF and releasing it for free!

and more here:

its an interesting idea to use the light from the projector as a spot light.
from the video it looks like ur using 2 projectors?
also, for the rays of light from the projector to be visible like that, did you use some kind of smoke machine?

be great to hear a little about the hardware setup too.


we’ve used two units each consisting of a projector, IR camera and a PC. in addition there is IR illumination. and yes we do have a smoke machine to make the beams visibile. the trick is not to have too little or too much, otherwise the camera will pick it up.