(lpmt-)Compile Error ofxSimpleGuiToo can't find ofxMidi

Hi there,

I tried to compile lpmt and after some trial an error i got around several problems but this one is a hard one. No idea what the problem is.
ofxMidi is i.n the Addons folder.
I tried OF 0.8.0 and 0.7.4.
Tried the original and the suggested modified version of ofxSimpleGuiToo.

Any Sugesstions how to fix this?

In file included from ../../../addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/ofxSimpleGuiValueControl.h:38:0,  
                 from ../../../addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/Controls/ofxSimpleGuiButton.h:3,  
                 from ../../../addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/ofxSimpleGuiIncludes.h:39,  
                 from ../../../addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/ofxSimpleGuiPage.h:39,  
                 from ../../../addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/ofxSimpleGuiIncludes.h:37,  
                 from ../../../addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/ofxSimpleGuiToo.h:41,  
                 from ./src/testApp.cpp:4:  
../../../addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/ofxSimpleGuiControl.h:42:21: schwerwiegender Fehler: ofxMidi.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden  
Kompilierung beendet.  
make: *** [obj/x86_64Release/./src/testApp.o] Fehler 1  

Have you added ofxMidi to your project? The way to do this is different on every platform, but you’ll need to add ofxMidi to your header search paths

i tried it with -IPathToOfxMidi and even with copying all files vom ofxMidi/src to the path of simpleGuiToo.
Nearly the same. Make uses Gcc. I gues there is a Problem in den SimpleGuiToo but i can’t find it. I got the Same error on other Points and fixed them just with “installing” the missing addon.

there seemed to be an typo. the -I CFlags solved this problem.

But still some Problems… Maybe i stop trying.