currently experiment LPD8806 Addressable RGB LED Strip


and read a Lot tutorial about Arduino , SPI , RaspberryPi, etc.

finally i want to release LPD8806Streamer for osx OF app and arduino source(simple SPI bridge)


software requirement:
of0073 + addons ofxLEDs , arduino1.0.1
hardware requirement :
LPD8806 LED strip
arduino UNO
5v 3.5Amp power supply

thanks to paulreimer of his

my example may not be very clear
please feel free to ask any question


![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/2668/IMG_0049 2.JPG)

Hey fishkingsin,

Cheers for posting your example, really helped with a project I’m working on.
Will Post the code and some photos once the code has been cleaned up a bit.
Question though, Did you have any weird artefacts on the led strip?
When individual white leds flash up on the strip the led above the turns red and the led below turns blue.
I have no idea what is causing this?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



I am not very sure now

while I tested with my friend
we found that the protocol parsing with shader may cause the problem
so i branched the ofxLEDs myself
you could try my branch