Low-Latency Drum Machine / Sampler using oF and Maximilian

I recently tried to build a keyboard drum machine using ofSoundPlayer and quickly ran into audio latency issues. This led me down the rabbit hole of ASIO sound drivers, ofSoundStream, audioOut() and the Maximilian / ofxMaxim addon.

If anyone is interested, I’ve put together a sample oF project with the results of my investigation:

The project also includes basic sound visualization (based on code I found somewhere on these forums but can no longer track down to provide attribution).

I’ve only tested this project on Windows using VoiceMeeter Banana as the ASIO sound driver.

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I was about to check out Maximilian but since there is no Android binding this was no go for me.

Wish I had more experience in oF to figure out why the dev can’t get it on Android, guess if I keep going this will be an inevitable question. :slight_smile:

I did look around the Maximilian repo but couldn’t see an obvious issue that needed to be solved for the Android binding.

Looks like there was actually some interest in 2018 from the Android Oboe team to add Android support to Maximilian, but that didn’t seem to go anywhere: https://github.com/micknoise/Maximilian/issues/68

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Alright, I know Don, so I will bring this up again!

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