Low framerate when app is not minimised

Hey all!

We have an installation running, where an ofx app is controlling a bunch of LED strips. The computer is running without a monitor, but we experience low framerates when it’s running without a screen. This can be circumvented by minimising the application, but I’d like to find a more stable solution to this. Do you have any idea of how this could be done?


have you tried disabling vsync and setting a fixed framerate? also you can try using ofAppNoWindow which is meant to be used for this kind of headless applications

Thanks, @arturo. I’ll look into that. Sometimes we’d like to access it with a display, which is why I avoided ofAppNoWindow. But I’ll try vsync a framerate fix.

I have similar issue on OS X El Capitan when accessing the computer with Screen Sharing.
My ofApp run without vertical sync and the app goes low framerate when its window is fronting, I don’t have to minimize it but the window have to be backgrounded to run well.
I think the Screen Sharing Apple app sucks somehow ressource of the GPU but I’m not sure.

Apparently this is a thing, and hence this product http://www.fit-pc.com/web/products/fit-headless/
I am guessing that if you have a monitor attached you don’t get the slowdown? This is a pretty cheap addition…