Lots of nice changes -- release 006 soon?

wow, openframeworks is a great project! I’m glad to see such an active forum.

I’ve been following the codebase for a while now and I am excited to see some somewhat large changes being made. I’m sure there are still lots of little bugs to work out, but I am looking forward to the release (hopefully soon – Jan 1, 2009?) of 006.

I think putting the next release together soon is important because the current process of downloading 005 and patching it is a bit tedious. In addition, there are some dangling dependencies (i.e., Poco, which I’m excited to hear you are now integrating!) so the download-and-fix strategy doesn’t work so well anymore.

Also, having the example applications ready to compile/edit in CodeBlocks was a good idea to lower the barrier to getting started. One bug I recently found was that many of the linux projects don’t include the “events” folder by default; simple to fix but probably worth changing before 006 to save a few headaches.

Keep up the great ideas – I’m definitely an advocate of your initiative.

yes we agree - it’s been too long for a new release, and since we’ve had parts of the new release up since september, there are alot of incompatibilities. Part of the problem has been difficult timing for the three core developers (theo, me and arturo) but these last weeks have been much better and we are making progress. this week we are going to come up with a game plan and likely ask the community for some help on a few outstanding issues. We’ve gotten very good feedback about 0.06 stuff so far, like events and naming, etc, and we think this release will be great.

also, once 0.06 is out, we are planning more informal, more often releases of straight code, like

0.061, 0.062 which should help work out kinks and bugs.

we are super happy about the community and are trying to find the right balance of development, teaching (workshops, etc), forum discussion, bug fixing, etc. there is alot of great energy here and we will try the best to support it as much as we can.

thanks !!