Lost in osc receiving


I’m new here so thank you for all the work that have been done, the tutos, the answers, the addons… Of is a gold mine for virtual (and non) creation.

Here is my problem. I can’t find exemple or explanation of how to receive data from osc on of. I’ve found addon ofxOsc but can’t make it works… Maybe someone know where I can find informations?

Thank you and have a nice evening if you live in western europe (as me), nice day for the americans!


If you are using OF 0.8 you should have these




It was as simple as that…
But you help me a lot!

Maybe not the best place but I have issues with this (and a lot of other addons exemples)

  • I have plenty of Deprecations
  • I have "Lexical or Preprocessor issue ‘tr1/memory’ file not found

I use XCode 5.0.2, of 008, osx 10.9.1

regarding deprecations: these should only occur when you use old commands. it’s “just” a warning, so nothing which is an immediate problem. Are you saying the deprecations occur for code within ofxOsc, or within your project?

The tr1 thing is a problem with xcode settings, I’ll let some osx user set you straight (I don’t use it)