Losing transparency of 3ds or dae Models on importing


I have tried importing a 3D shape that has been built in 3DS max. The model itself is having 40% transparency so that on importing this into my program, I can see the background behing this transparent model as well.

However, I just tried importing a very simple 3DS model (that has transparency applied to it) in openFrameworks, and on importing ( model.draw() ), the model loses the transparency and appears opaque in the program. Is there something that I am missing or that’s the way models get imported in OF and lose transparency?

I have a requirement to import a model of a sphere (made in 3DS max - sphere is 50% transparent and texture applied at some parts which is opaque). How do I import such a model preserving the transparency of the parts in the model and importing as such it appears in 3DS Max?

did you solve this issue?
you can set the transparency of the model via ofSetColor(), but this doesn’t seem to be the right way as then wierd artefacts appear.