Loop video with audio

Hi guys,
Just started playing around with the framework, modifying a few examples etc. Very nice to have a system that ties together a bunch of APIs I am used to using!
I have been playing around with the moviePlayer example and hit a problem.
I removed the mouse interaction code and swapped the default fingers.mov with a video file that has sound. It is an avi rather than qt but seems to work quite ok, except that when the video loops, the first few milliseconds of audio are missing.
Is the audio within a video file played through the openFrameworks audio subsystem (so I can adjust samples, buffers, etc) or is it all handled by the video subsystem and audio is just a free bonus?
I guess the way to go would be to strip the audio from the avi and send that to a soundPlayer and set that running in its own thread while the video is played mute by a moviePlayer.
Just wanted to get thoughts before I reinvent the wheel!
Trawled through the forum a little, but didn’t find much on this.
Thanks in advance,


Unfortunately the audio is just a bonus from quicktime, and as a result the OF linux video player which doesn’t use Qt doesn’t have any audio (yet!).

Your suggestion to strip the audio is pretty much correct. I’ve done this before without a thread and it worked ok, although I wasn’t too concerned about synchronisation.

I think there may have been some informal talk about revamping the video system to route video audio through the audio subsystem…but I’m not sure about this.

Thought that might be the case.
I stripped the audio, passed it through a soundPlayer and then use the soundPlayer position to synch the video.
works great.

hi all !

well i’m facing a similar problem of willing to have audio from a video playing in sync.

as randomnumbers said, the initial ms are lost and when you play it looped, the audio loop is far from being “perfect” …

i’m quite surprised that we can’t reach a “perfect” loop in audio as it is in video in OF … does it mean that all applications [out of OF] using quicktime libs suffer from this ?

shouldn’t it be some quicktime internal workarround for this ?

maybe is because i’m used to vjing applications but seems incredible and a shame we can’t handle this … :_(

of course there’s the solution of stripping the audio, but it’s more “complex” for all users and no-natural …

any idea if quicktime could be twiked for achieving perfect loop and no delay at startup ?


edit : by the way i’m on WinXP, maybe this doesn’t happen on osX ?

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