looking up functions

lets say I want to look up the function (at least I think it’s a function? still new to this) ofDist. I don’t see anything on it in the wiki or oF documentation on the website. how would I go about learning what this is and what it can do?

i know. the http://www.openframeworks.cc/documentation/ site does not expose all the functions.

you first have to click n ofVec2f for example to see how to use the distance function.

what i sometimes do is use google site search:
distance site:www.openframeworks.cc

i use xcode and when i right click on a word i can select “jump to definition”. which also helps giving you some context.

for addons you can go here:

so how would I know that ofDisc was a child of ofVec2f? Guess that’s that part that confuses me. I don’t know how to search for a specific function if I know nothing about it.

short answer: it is here


I get it, but I rather not bug people on forum every time I want to look up a function. hah. seems like there would be a better way?

I always text-search in my IDE (Eclipse) for any occurence of said function in the OF codebase, and use the IDE’s functions (in my case F3) to jump to the declaration/definition of the function in question.