Looking to use a DB in local


I’m looking to use a database in local, and was thinking about SQLite. Would any one recommend a specific ofxAddon?

Thank you!

I mean I know about ofxSQliteCpp but I’m having a hard time compiling/linking it with OF Master.

So I’m wondering if someone has recently been using local DB in a OF project, and if so what was their approach.

Thank you.

I have a setup working with mongoDB, it works local or online. I have a very basic setup here:

This is for OSX, but the issue I am having is depending on your version of xcode I needed to build frameworks not libs. I didnt try to build for another platform, but it was not complicated, just cloning the cdriver and using cmake - likely non-osx platforms will be easier to manage.

I have some code to add and modify records but its messy and not pushed. Maybe this could be a start for you, it definately wont solve your problem out of the box.

Hi @fresla

The link you shared seems broken. I just found a repo for ofxMongo but I can not find any ofxMongoDB repo.


Sorry, this should work.


hmmm… I’m still getting a 404 error / page not found.

Oops it was private. It’s public now.

@smallfly FYI I updated the ofxMongoDB repo today. It is working with the PG for Win (VS2019) and OSX (Xcode 14.1) and the current master of OF.

Added enough functions to cover most basic use cases for read and write.

It is working well for me.


Thanks @fresla ,
it looks super useful here!

Do you think is a good solution to handle users / logging and JSON files / presets, to our apps?

Also do you have any link with some help guide to do the server/local setup?
I am trying on the mongodb.com panel, but don’t looks straightforward…

Do you think that could be user free or cheaper than other alternative like Firebase?

Hi, I am not totally sure what you need to manage, this is a great NoSGL database and relatively easy to use. I am running a DB from the atlas service, but that just means tat developmnet is easy as it does not have to be local or syncronised to multiple machines, also it is all setup and ready to go to deply inside an app or site if needed. To install locally it is very easy, here is a tutorial

As for anb alternative to Firebase - it isnt google so thats something, and you can also do a totally local deployment. Here is a comparison:

MongoDB vs Firebase: Which Is The Best Database In 2022 | by MQoS Tech | MQoS Technologies | Medium.

I needed a soltuion that could be accesed via an app with lots of users, as well as holding large amounts of data. I like the setup and the code, it is super easy to use from NodeJS or Javascript and python, and with my addon it is also easy to use from OF.

AFAIK there is no MongoDB of firebase authentication.

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Thanks @fresla, I will check this!